Wood windows provide you with excellent insulation, They offer you more diverse decorating possibilities as the interior can be stained to bring out the beauty of the wood or painted to blend with or enhance any décor. They are available with an aluminum covered exterior for maintenance-free protection from the elements. We have a selection of over 35 colours from which to choose to compliment either the brick or stone of your home.
Featured below are the most popular
types and how they work.
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Casement Windows Casement Wood Window
Casement Windows swing outward by using a crank roto-gear at the bottom of the frame. They provide good ventilation and are fairly easy to clean. (read more on Wood Casement Windows)

Awning Windows
An Awning Window hinges at the top and tilts outward at the bottom using handles similar to Casement Windows. What differentiates Awning Windows from other windows, is that they allow for ventilation, even in inclement weather. (Read more on Wood Awning Windows) Awning Window

Double Hung Windows
This is your classic double hung wood window offering you excellent control of ventilation. Window sashes glide vertically so you can choose to raise the lower sash or lower the upper sash. A single-hung window is similar but only the lower sash opens. (Read more on Wood Double Hung Windows) Double Hung Window
Double Hung Window Showing Tilt Feature
A fabulous feature of Double Hung Wood Windows is that they tilt inward for easy cleaning of the outside panes. Double Hung Window Showing Tilt Feature

French Inswing Window
If you're looking for some European styling, our selection of French In-Swing wood windows is a must see! These windows are beautifully designed and open inwardly allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance options. (Read more on French Inswing Wood Windows) French Inswing Window

Architectural Windows - Bay Windows • Bow Windows
Architectural Windows are one of the most striking features of your home, and Martin Industries can custom design them to suit your most creative specifications. From octagons and trapezoid shapes to full circles, half rounds and more, we can create exactly what your heart desires! (Read more on Architectural Wood Windows) Architectural Window