This is your classic double hung wood window offering you excellent control of ventilation. Window sashes glide vertically so you can choose to raise the lower sash or lower the upper sash. A single-hung window is similar but only the lower sash opens. Continue reading below for more information...
Traditional Double-Hung Wood Windows
double-hung window

The double hung window which has its roots in England, is constructed with two sashes which hold the glass.
An upper and lower sash that overlap in the middle both slide up and down. (mouse-over the image to see how it works)

Totally reinvented, are yesterday's rope and pulley systems that made this possible. Today, the double hung has evolved technologically and glides smooth and effortlessly. People appreciate the no-fuss functionality, but also enjoy the beauty and warmth that a double-hung wood window adds to the home.

The standard double-hung window is also available with a tilt feature to facilitate cleaning. (see image at the right)

A perfect blend of traditional elegance and modern technology!

- Classic lines with understated elegance and no obvious jamb liners or hardware
- State-of-the-art sash weatherstrip provides minimum friction for easy lift operation
- Block and tackle balances with knife lock system for consistent tension throughout operation
- Solid wood sill, sash and mouldings with no visible finger-joints
- 4 9/16" laminated wood frame
- 1 3/4" solid wood sash

Choose our extruded aluminum cladding for a low maintenance exterior finish. This is thicker and stronger than roll-form, and provides superior durability, weather and impact resistance and extended life.
double hung wood window
Double Hung Wood Window
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double hung window with tilt feature

double-hung with tilt feature

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aluminum clad exterior of double hung wood window
wood window
with exterior aluminum cladding