Casement Windows swing outward by using a crank roto-gear at the bottom of the frame. They provide good ventilation and are fairly easy to clean. Read more below to get the whole story.
Wood Casement Windows
casement window

One of the window industry's best selling designs, the casement window is a popular style for any home. Because it opens outward, any air pressure from outside wind actually increases the seal protection around the window, keeping your home safe from drafts. (mouse-over the image to see how it works)

Martin Industries can also have your casement window customized in many ways to create a wonderful distinctive look for your home.
This type of window compliments any architectural style making it a favorite choice.

- Solid natural wood frame, sash & moldings
- There are no finger-joints giving a better look
- Common head and sill for multi-section units; no mulling of modules
- Advanced weather -stripping increases protection against leakage and infiltration
- 4-9/16" solid wood frame (also available in 6 9/16" for clad windows)
1¾" or 2¼" solid wood sash
- The single, structural post gives a better aesthetic look, cleaner lines with more visible glass
- The glued hardwood dowel sash makes it a solid and long lasting precision assembly
- Also available in the "Impact Series"

This is a great choice if you are looking for a low-maintenance exterior finish for your wood casement window. We use the thicker and stronger extruded aluminum instead of roll-form. This combination offers much better durability. For a long life, weather and impact resistant wood casement window, an aluminum clad exterior is the way to go.
wood casement window
wood casement window
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aluminum clad exterior of double hung wood window
wood casement window
with exterior aluminum cladding