More reasons to choose Martin Industries...
So why choose us at Martin Industries for your window and door renovations? What sets us apart from the others?

While most window replacement and door companies offer similar products and services and will provide you with basic information, there are some that respond to you based on what they FEEL you want to hear. Though some products are actually better than others for certain homes, they will try to sell you what they perceive you want.

Our approach is straight and to the point.
We make sure you have the right information before any decisions are made.

Here are some other reasons to consider Martin Industries:
1. We have specialized in house windows and door replacement for over 35 years and most of our business comes from referrals by previously satisfied customers. We do a great deal of repeat business with a loyal client base. They know from personal experience that they will get a quality installation and the right advice.

2. We don’t just sell and install the windows and doors. We carry a wide range of products in different materials such as wood, aluminum and PVC and hybrids of all of these. Our sales staff will spend time with you and work with you to educate you and give you good honest advice. With so many different products on the market from which to choose, we can help you decide what best fits your budget and suits your taste.

3. We know the requirements of most municipalities and are knowledgeable about what types and styles of windows and doors are acceptable for your particular home.

4. We do an overview of what your home needs and take the proper precautions. We treat your home with the greatest respect – we protect your belongings. Cleanliness, efficiency and consideration of your privacy and your schedule are of the utmost importance to us.

5. We here at Martin Industries know every aspect of door installation and window installation. We make your home renovation experience a pleasurable one.

6. Our team of door and window installers are quiet, trustworthy and dependable. They are salaried employees who have no need to either drag out or hurry a job. They pride themselves on their technique and expertise and work at a steady pace paying attention to detail and exercising the greatest care on the job at all times.

7. We can help you with a creative eye to make whatever changes will improve the overall quality of your home as it is an important investment – perhaps your best investment!

8. We do not consider the job finished until the customer is satisfied. We stand by our reputation as one of the finest window replacement and door companies you can find. We invite you to come and discover why so many people refer to us as the best in the business.