window and door installation

Martin Industries specializes in the installation of windows and doors in existing homes. We employ 2 full-time crews (not sub-contractors) of experienced installers who are accustomed to removing existing windows cleanly and efficiently before installing the new products we have supplied.

Our general installation guide below should help to explain the basic process of an installation.

Standard Brick to Brick Installation

Standard Brick-Brick Window Installation Includes (Unless otherwise specified):
• Covering floor with dropsheets and nearby furniture with plastic
• Removing existing Window / Door and frame
• Preparation of opening to receive new frame
• Installation of Window / Door… shimmed to level
• Insulation around the frame (Urethane Foam)
• Exterior finishing with aluminum and caulking to edge of brick opening
• Interior finishing with standard mouldings (pine / MDF or re-use existing where applicable)
• Basic cleanup & removal of all debris

Standard Window Installation does NOT Include
(Unless otherwise specified):

• Removal / re-installation of all blinds & drapes
• Preparation of interior work area (removal of small breakables, art, electronics etc.) from in front of window / door
• Finishing / painting of windows / doors and mouldings
• Re-installation of Alarm materials (contacts, wires)

Insert Installations:
Similar to Brick to Brick installation except new windows are installed inside the existing frames.


NOTE: These are general guidelines only. For greater detail and any questions, please contact us.