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Steel doors are made up of two sheets of steel with a highly insulating polyurethane core. They are strong, virtually maintenance free and available in many different colours. They can be solid, have glass inserts and/or decorative mouldings. The style options are numerous.
At Martin Industries,
our steel doors are also
designed with Montreal
weather in mind.
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An insulated steel door is maintenance free, durable and versatile. From basic embossed slabs to decorative raised panels and with multiple glass options, steel doors can easily serve as a beautiful main entry door or as cost effective back / side / basement entrances.

They are made with inner and outer steel sheets and a insulating foam in between. The steel slabs are strengthened with wood to prevent any warping and to support the hardware. Magnetic / compression weather stripping seals the doorframe as a highly effective barrier to the elements, making steel doors a highly energy efficient entry system.

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