Sliding Patio Doors available in different fabrications. (mouse-over door to see action)

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    Sliding Patio Doors are available in PVC, Aluminum, or a hybrid combination of both.
    A hybrid door offers good insulation with a tough exterior and an interior that is not cold to the touch.

Lift & Slide Patio Door

Our Lift & Slide Patio Doors offer unprecedented ease-of-use using a carrier system that lifts the panels and gently glides them open. You'll also appreciate an expansive view with extremely large panel sizes to choose from.

Features & Benefits
• Custom and standard sizes
• The operating panels use 2 bogie carrier systems with 2 rollers each.
• Primary panels engage 2 locking points on jambs or bi-parting inactive panel.
• Mahogany sill with high bottom track for better climatic performance.
• Wood sliding screen available (1 ¾” sash).
• Solid wood frame and moldings. Laminated sash
• 5" x 2 1/4" stile
• Available with two, three or four panels
• Sidelites and transoms available
• Custom or standard raised or flat panels available

PVC Sliding Patio Door
PVC Sliding Patio Door

- 5-1/2 in. or 7-1/4 in. finger-jointed kiln dried
  pine frame with exterior PVC cladding
- Sash corners fusion welded at 45° to eliminate air & water infiltration
- Sash jambs reinforced with galvanized steel for  maximum rigidity
- PVC brick mould (with or without nailing flange)
- Standard PVC color: Blue white
- Other available PVC color: -Almond-
- PVC wood grain laminate (interior side)
  Natural oak or Dark oak

Aluminum Sliding Patio Door
Aluminum Sliding Patio Door

- 7-1/2" aluminum frame
- 4 Sliding panels
- Reversible interior insect screen
- Choice of colors (painting options)
- Central Panel lock system
- Superior LoE©˜ energetic performance (optional)
- Increased security: key lock (optional)

Hybridex sliding door
Hybridex is a revolutionary technology that allows the merging of aluminum and PVC in the same product. Aluminum is used on the outside of the door, PVC on the interior. The R-850 Hybridex is a unique door, its composition offering beauty, durability and high energy efficiency.

The Irresistible Side
- Aluminium Exterior
- Extensive choice of colors
- Easy maintenance
- Resists fading and discoloration by the sun
- Solid & Durable

The Practical Side
- PVC Interior
- Minimum maintenance
- Ligthweight
- Superior thermal insulation
- Shock resistant

PVC Sliding Patio Door
Wood / Clad Door Description

- Can be ordered as all wood or with an exterior aluminum cladding. (multiple standard colours available)
- Comes in non-jointed wood (Pine, Mahogany or Douglas Fir. (several standard stain/paint colours available)
- Our Lepage line comes with “French door” style slabs
- Optional panels and grilles available
- 6-finishes available for handles
- Sliding Screen included (Standard)
sliding wood door