If historical charm and elegance is on your list of home improvements, look no further than our line of French Inswing Wood windows...
French Inswing Wood Windows
double-hung window

Architects for centuries have used in-swing French windows to unite nature with interior space. Also known as Crémone windows, nothing comes close for historical charm. Along with their provincial design and panoramic views, Lepage in-swing windows offer outstanding performance properties.

High quality cremone hardware bolts tightly, with delightful ease. Wood and aluminum screens allow subtle variations on design and function. And when they’re finally thrown open to the sun and summer breeze, Lepage French in-swings offer a glorious invitation to nature, a dazzling portal between your interior and exterior worlds. (mouse-over the image to see how it works)

- No fixed post between sashes for more unobstructed view
- Interlocking panels 5 3/8" frame (4 3/8" or 6 3/8" with clad) 1 ¾"
- thick sash

For a low maintenance exterior finish, you have the opportunity to choose an extruded aluminum clad for your french inswing wood windows. We use extruded aluminum only. Thicker and stronger than roll-form, it provides superior durability, weather and impact resistance for a longer life.

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french inswing wood window
french inswing wood window
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aluminum clad exterior of double hung wood window
exterior aluminum cladding
for French Inswing Window