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                                        Frequently Asked Questions
How does a double hung window differ from a single hung window?
A double-hung window has two vertically moving sashes, each opening and closing a different part of the window. While a single hung window has only one moving sash, which is the bottom portion of the window.
What is a sash?
A sash, simply put, is the entire window, including the glass and the surrounding pieces that hold it together. The sash fits into a frame that is actually tied into the surrounding wall and holds the sash in place.
What are jambs?
Jambs are frames used to support the window in the wall. Those frames on the side are, logically enough, called side jambs. The frames at the top is a head jamb. There are no jambs at the bottom. This frame is referred to as a sill
What does it mean to have a "clad" wood window?
"Clad" refers to the covering on the exterior window or patio door unit. From the inside, you see the beauty of wood while the aluminium clad "shell" on the outside ensures the life of your wood windows for many years.
What window material do you recommend for my house?
Window material choices vary by region. In the Northeast, houses use mostly vinyl and wood windows, whereas in the Southwest, more aluminium windows are used. This has a lot to do with the building codes, and the fact that aluminium conducts heat and cold.
Please explain a window's insulation capabilities.
One way that insulation is created is with dead-air space between panes of glass. Therefore a double-paned window gives more insulation than a single-paned one. Other factors contribute to the insulation qualities of a window, such as the gasket, the material type, and the gas used in a gas-filled window.
What is low-E?
Low-E, or low emissivity, refers to how a window reflects certain length waves. A window with a good low-E lowers your energy bill because in the summer it reflects sunlight and in the winter it absorbs it to help in heating your home.
What is the reason for injecting gas into double paned windows?
Two types of gas are used to fill the space between panes of glass: argon and krypton. These gases are denser than air, which contributes better insulation.
Why should I replace my windows?
Replacing old, worn windows can give your home a beautiful new look while improving its energy efficiency. Improved energy efficiency will lower heating and cooling bills, add value to your home, and make it more comfortable.
Why would I choose wood windows?
Wood is beautiful and a great insulator. With proper preservatives, wood is durable and corrosion resistant. It also allows many finish options. It can be clear-coated, painted or stained to complement any interior decor. Many exterior finish types and colors are possible as well. Plus, wood is a naturally renewable resource.
Why would I choose vinyl windows?
Vinyl windows and doors are durable, weather-resistant and low maintenance. They do not need to be finished after installation and never need painting or sealing. The vinyl cannot rot, rust, pit or corrode and is unaffected by moisture, salt air, pollution and airborne chemicals.
Why are vinyl window frames hollow?
The multiple hollow chambers provide a thermal break, rigidity and strength without excessive weight. A solid frame would be heavy, difficult to work with, expensive, and would not perform as well.
What causes condensation on windows?
Windows do not cause condensation - excessive humidity causes condensation on the interior of windows. People notice moisture on windows before other surfaces because the temperature is lower.