Crémone Windows, also called French in-swing windows add a very special special touch to a room. The high quality crémone hardware, not only looks wonderful, but offers a very secure bolt-locking system that is easy to operate.

You will also appreciate the expertly crafted wood and aluminum screens that allow subtle variations on design. Not only is the marriage of interior and exterior space never more appreciated than when the windows are opened to the warmth of the sun and a gentle breeze, but the historical charm of French In-swing windows are hard to beat.

For outstanding performance, we rely on the professional craftsmanship of Lepage Millwork, who manufacture the finest crémone windows in Québec.
• No fixed post between sashes for more unobstructed view
• Interlocking panels • 5 3/8" frame (4 3/8" or 6 3/8" with clad)
• 1 ¾" thick sash

To have a low maintenance exterior finish, we recommend an extruded aluminum clad for wood windows. Our windows use extruded aluminum only, which is thicker and stronger than the rolled-form. You will be impressed by the superior durability, weather and impact resistance that contribute to this product's longer life.