We have an extensive choice of standard models to choose from as well as custom sizes, custom shapes and special units. You can also decorate your architectural windows with a special grille, leaded glass or specialty glazing. Call us for more information.
Architectural Wood Windows
double-hung window
Architectural Windows are one of the most striking features of a home, and Martin Industries can custom design them to suit your most creative specifications.

From octagons and trapezoid shapes to full circles, half rounds and more, we can create exactly what your heart desires!

Whichever shape of architectural window you choose, it's good to know that it will be perfectly matched with any of our other windows and doors.

There's something very special in having a custom window design that not only adds distinction and class, but charm and value to your home.

- Solid or laminated wood frame and mouldings. No finger-joints for a better look
- Matching sight lines when combined with any other windows or doors
- 4-9/16" laminated wood frame for round tops
- 4-9/16" solid wood frame for polygons
- 1¾" and 2¼" solid wood sash sized to match any wood product
- Direct set glazing for finer frame lines and maximum visible glass area, or in-sash glazing for a perfect match with other products
- Avaialble in the Impact Series

Choose our extruded aluminum cladding for a low maintenance exterior finish. This is thicker and stronger than roll-form, and provides superior durability, weather and impact resistance and extended life.
architectural wood window
Architectural Wood Window examples
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trapezoid architectural wood window
Architectural Wood Window - Trapezoid
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aluminum cladding