pvc hybrid WINDOWS Montreal

HYBRID windows are made of PVC interior with an aluminum covered exterior.
The aluminum is available in a limited choice of colours. The white PVC interior can also be covered with hard wood that you can stain to bring out the wood’s natural beauty. Hybid windows offer good insulation with a tough exterior and an interior that is not cold to the touch



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Casement Hybrid Window - Inside view
casement hybrid window inside view

You can mix and match the fabrication of windows. This is known as a Hybrid Window.

The Casement window (mouse-over blue icon) at right, made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), is a very versatile plastic with good insulating value, high impact resistance, and good resistance to abrasion. Because its color runs all the way through the material, there is no finish coat that can be damaged or deteriorate over time.

The outside (click on casement outside) is made from aluminum and is extremely resistant. This is a popular hybrid window combination, offering the best of both worlds.

Other hybrid combinations are available in the design options at the right.

Casement Hybrid Window - Outside view
An Aluminum Awning Window hinges at the top and tilts outward at the bottom using handles similar to Casement Windows. What differentiates Awning Windows from other windows, is that they allow for ventilation, even in inclement weather.
Casement hybrid window animation - outside view

Single Hung single hung window animation

Horizontal Hybrid Slider Window slider window animation

Hybrid Architectural Window - Bay Windows • Bow Windows Architectural Window
glass window shattered