PVC windows come in severaal styles and offer different ways to open, close or tilt.

Tilt and Turn windows allow for one-handed operation. Smooth and easy, the locking mechanism not only secures the sash/frame but keeps it from twisting or bending.

Tilt Position
By tilting the top inwards you get draft-free ventilation. (mouse-over the image to the left to see how it works) This opening is also a secured position discouraging unwanted intrusion. You can leave the windows tilted open even in rain. Unlike a traditional open window which often causes a draft due to the direct path of the outside wind into the room, the turn & tilt window channels outside air through the sides of the window, while hotter air escapes through the top. This process allows efficient air circulation without the draft.

Turn Position
Turns completely inward 90 degrees for easy cleaning.
By swinging the window inward into the room, a homeowner can easily and safely clean both glass surfaces. (mouse-over the image to see how it works)
The Tilt and Turn window can be used in both residential and commercial applications. The window can be utilized in almost any room within a residential home. Commercial applications include restaurants, office buildings, and high rise apartments.
A condominium on the thirtieth floor cannot typically be cleaned, except by a professional cleaning service; tilt turn windows and doors open inward and allow for complete cleaning of the window or door units without calling costly professionals.


- Durable
- Easy Cleaning
- Can stay open in rainy weather
- Ideal for commercial buildings like restaurants, schools as well as homes
- Low-E insulating glass reduces energy consumption and protects fabric from fading

ng window
PVC Tilt & Turn Window
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tilt and turn window front view