You'll often find the PVC slider window in many rooms of the home. For example, as an easy-opening window above kitchen counters and sinks or in bedrooms. Order standard or custom sizes.
PVC Slider Windows
double-hung window
This PVC slider Window slides horizontally, allowing for ventilation that extends to the full height of the windows. The window sashes supported by nylon rollers glide to the right or left in grooves or tracks. (mouse-over the image at left to see how it works)

Sliding Windows can easily be removed, so you can clean the outside glass from inside your home.

- Smooth sliding motion for ease of use
- Strength and durability
- Security
- Improved airflow that you can regulate according to your needs
- Easy to clean and maintain
- Good range of colours and designs
- Ideal for commercial buildings like restaurants, schools as well as homes
- Clean looking design
- Low-E insulating glass reduces energy consumption and protects fabric from fading
PVC slider window
PVC Double Slider Window
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